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Ok, so you want to borrow £100 for 1 days

* 1737% APR Representative (variable)

Payday loan illustration: Borrow £300 for 30 calendar days. Total to repay: £375. Annual interest rate: 1737% (variable).

Please be advised that by submitting a loan application, you are under no obligation whatsoever to accept the loan offered.

Which of these reasons persuade YOU to apply online today?

  • Borrow anything up to £1,000
  • Get your cash in 10 mins
  • No phone calls or faxing
  • 100% safe, encrypted & secure
  • No hidden fees or surprises
  • Open 24/7 ALL year round
  • Simple 1 minute application
  • Everything processed online
  • Strictly private & confidential
  • Poor credit acceptable

Dear friend,

Imagine logging on to your online banking or visiting the local cash point in just an hour from now, and seeing £1,000 sitting in your bank account.

Sounds too good to be true? Well, it isn’t when you apply for a payday loan through White Loans. Just think, now you can access the cash you need quickly, confidentially, and without having to justify yourself to ANYONE!

To quality for one of the instant access cash loans available through this website, you simply need to be:

  • Aged 18 years or older
  • A resident of the United Kingdom
  • Employed for at least 90 days
  • A UK bank account holder

Pretty straightforward huh? In fact, there’s hundreds of people with money in their hands RIGHT NOW, having landed on this very page less than an hour ago.

But why should you apply for a cash loan through White Loans?

We’ll give you 3 good reasons:

1. You can borrow anything up to £1,000 cash in the next 10 minutes.
2. There’s no human interaction or awkward ‘interviews’ required. Just one simple 60 second online application.
3. Everything is kept strictly confidential. Protecting your privacy is our number 1 priority.

Lets break that down further:

Unlike most pay day providers, when you apply for a short term loan through White Loans, there’s no need to pick up the phone or send a fax since EVERYTHING is done online.

We’ve deliberately designed our application process with speed and simplicity in mind. We also know how extremely precious your time is, which is why it takes no more than a minute to complete our online application form and a mere 15 minutes to source you a loan through one of our trusted and reliable lenders.

But here’s the real carrot.

We DON’T make a credit inquiry on your personal credit report, leaving a trail for everyone to see. As far as we’re concerned, only you and the White Loans panel need to know about your application because quite frankly, it’s NOBODY else’s business!

There’s no risk to your home or personal possessions. Since these loans are so small and easily repaid, your job is the only guarantee required.

Here’s how our payday loan application works

Using the slider above, decide how much cash you need and exactly how long you need it for. Then click the ‘Apply Now’ button, which will take you straight to our online application form. If you have a recent payslip from your employer to hand, dig this out now as you’ll need to include a few details as part of the application.

Within minutes of clicking the ‘submit’ button, a member from the white loans panel will be in contact to discuss your loan and how you wish to proceed. In most cases, the cash will then be transferred to your chosen bank account almost immediately.

White Loans promotional video

Here’s the latest in a series of videos promoting our payday loans solution here at White Loans. If you like the video, please do share it with your friends using the Facebook, Google +, Email and Twitter options above.

These videos are being tested online in advance of our prime time TV campaign, due to launch in the Winter of 2012. As with the previous videos, we REALLY value your feedback, so if you think this one and can improved in anyway, no matter how ‘off the wall’ your idea may be, feel free to send your suggestions to the marketing team today.